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Inspection Honorar

Industrial Inspection
Industrial Inspection Service
Fees and Payment Terms
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1- Fees:
The table indicates EUROSPECT's Standard Fees for Inspections in Germany & Europe, I have a Total Fee of :
a) The Total Fee includes: >> Inspection (Encl. German VAT 19%) + Travel Expenses for one visit,
b) Inspection in Germany: 900€ ==> (Inspection 600€ + Travel Expenses 300€),
c) Inspection in Europe: 1200€ ==> (Inspection 600€ + Travel Expenses 600€),
d) Travel Expenses for one visit only. If more visits required same to be paid for, after finishing the Inspection,
e) The NON REFUNDABLE Booking fee of 100€ includes (1st Postage / Mailing / Correspondence, Office & Reporting Works etc.),
f) If later on a 2nd Copy of a Report or corrections (office works) etc. required we charge additional 50€,
g) The Fee encludes the German Tax VAT 19%,
h) All quotations are based on payment in Euro (€) via PAYPAL, which is a faster payment method for small amount transactions, or Bank Transfer,
i) Please accept the payment by PAYPAL, and pay to: info (at), instruct your Bank when arranging payments by PAYPAL.
j) PayPal fees are about 3%, has to be paid separately / additionally.
k) Bank details will be indicated in EUROSPECT invoice.
Please mind when you book an Inspection: you have to order >>: Inspection + Booking Fee
2- Payment Terms:
A) The Booking fee and Pre-Payment will apply to all INDUSTRIAL INSPECTIONS. Boat/Yacht Inspections will be added later and calculated separately.
B) Receipt of inspection and booking fees is required prior to an appointment being booked,
C) The Pre-Payment to be received at least one week before the inspection date,
D) Final Invoice will be sent to you at the end of the Inspection accompanied by the Report,
E) Additinal payment due for travell expenses covering more than one visit as well as accomodation expenses for inspections requiring more than one day has to be paid by the client prior to despatching the inspection report.
To reduce your inspection costs, contact Eurospect directly without intermediate dealer.
Booking Fee-Germany
Bank, Administration, Postage, Phon, etc.. Fees
100,00 €(VAT incl.)
Pre-Payment => Germany
Please refer to the Pricing and Payment Terms as mentioned above.
1600,00 €(VAT incl.)
Booking Fee-Europe
Bank, Administration, Postage, Phon, etc.. Fees
100,00 €(VAT incl.)
Pre-Payment => Europe
Please refer to the Pricing and Payment Terms as mentioned above.
2000,00 €(VAT incl.)
Please transfer a pre-payment including the Booking fee, depending on (Europe or Germany) for an Inspection and Expenses before Inspection date, otherwise we cannot attend or carry out the inspection in the required / planned time.
Please download and fill out our Application and Request Form for Inspector's / Surveyor's Attendance and send it back to us and your Supplier who should contact us to ensure prompt processing:
Eurospect Inspector's / Surveyor's Attendance Form.
We request enough Time in advance to plan your inspection in our schedule.
Please fill in the "ORDER-NOW" Form and send it us, click the button.
2nd Reporting
If there are additional Information, which have to be added and mentioned in the Report, which later on given, provided and required by the Client, and did not provided before finishing the 1st Report, then this Payment has to be paid from the client.
50,00 €(VAT incl.)
To clarify: Inspector / Surveyor Attendance Fees
  • A) Inspections/Visit: Attendance Fee => Germany = 1200 € or Europe = 1400 €
  • B) Travelling & Accommodation costs is a fixed amount:
    Travel / One Visit / One Day => Germany => 300 € or Europe => 500 €

  • Booking Fee =>> 100 € / Inspection =>> PayPal & Bank fees, 1st Postage
    &/or Correspondence, Mailing, Office & Reporting Works etc.

  • 2nd Reporting Fee or Corrections =>> 50 € =>>
    If 2nd Postage and/or Copy of a Report of an earlier Inspection required we charge additional 50 €


Boat Inspection and Course / Seminar
  • SETC - Survey Expert Training Course

Industrial Services
  • FAT - (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • IPI - In-production inspection
  • CIS - Container Loading Supervision
  • QCS - Quality Control Services
  • FA - Factory Audit (2 Man-Days are required if the Manpower more than 490)
  • FQSA - Factory Quality System Audit (2 Man-Days are required if the Manpower more than 490)
  • PSI - Pre-Shipment Inspection Services
  • IOB - Inspection on Behalf yourselves or 3rd party
Inspection, Certification & or Reporting, incl. Postage, Office works, Tel. etc.
Charge for a one-day Inspection (like Pumps, Filters, Valves or similar).
If Inspection needs more visits, like Material and Mechanical Test or welding tests (fore & after welding),
then Travel expenses will be added as a 2nd visit or according to the number of visits (N)
(N) X Germany 300 € or X Europe 500 €. 
For example: N = 2 Vists
2 x 300 € = 600 € => Germany
2 x 500 € = 1000 € => Europe
Industrial 2nd & 3rd Party Inspection Service, Head Office: Berlin, Germany, E-Mail: Contact (at) , Created 2017, Last update 12.03.2021 © owner Eng.: Mohamed El Bahry
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